3 Step Guide For Understanding Digital Marketing Process

Here’s a tale of an appliance supplier ( spoiler : it’s totally sad since the supplier failed in understanding digital marketing process ). Here’s how it goes.

I’m gonna order 500 appliances and then I’m gonna make a Facebook page. Will set up and run a advertisement campaign targeting the entire Earth, Mars, Jupiter all the way down to Pluto and I’m gonna sale all the 500 appliances in the same day. The next day I’ll do it with 5,000 people and the day after tomorrow I’ll do it for 50,0000 people. I’ll be the first Trillionaire

An issue can be spotted above if even a little bit of attention span is given. It’s the poor understanding of digital marketing process and it’s a pity to see people loosing their business just because of the poor understanding.

Here at INTLMARK, we provide digital asset development and marketing solution to businesses and because of what we do, we have a lot of experience in different industries. Which clearly points that we’re eligible to advise.

What is Digital Marketing Process ( Definition ).
Digital Marketing Process is the collective term coined to number of steps which are mandatory to take in order to bring value to the business or the individual through the digital world. The process can include development, optimization and advertisement.

Definition can coin the term very well and can give a fair amount of understanding but to develop a deeper understanding, we need to have a deeper look to use digital marketing for business growth.

For understanding purposes, we have divided the Digital marketing process into 3 different divisions. It is worthwhile to note that these divisions are not something official but rather made up.

Digital Asset Development

The first step in the digital marketing process is indeed the development of the digital assets which would be used to bring in the valuable customers. With most of the businesses we deal, a website and few social media profiles are enough. Big businesses however require applications but most of the small scale to middle scale businesses are comfortable with the website development and social media profiles.

Digital asset development is a big term and can contain many many subsidiaries within it such as graphic designing, content creation, coding etc. Assuming that the business owner is dealing with a reputable digital marketing agency, it will take 2-3 months for the complete development of the digital assets. Price structure vary a lot depending upon the requirements. To have some estimations, you may contact us since we provide free over the phone consultation service.

Here are some of the hurdles one may come across while dealing with the digital asset

The first and foremost thing is to come up with a  general theme which would be the representation of the brand and the website itself. There would be a general theme or a general sense or a general message which the brand, website and the business itself stands for. The Digital asset needs to convey such message. It’s the crucial for those understanding digital marketing process and all it requires is a lot of creativity with insane amount of industry experience

Designing requires a lot of brain storming. If the business owner is co-operative, this matter can be sorted out quite easily. They may share their requirements or the overall design philosphy whi they adore. To design the digital asset one needs to study the business itself. A car dealership website can not be like a personal blog, it needs to show expertise. The designing element takes considerable time and is one of the foundation elements

Appropriate graphics are deployed all across the website. Understanding digital marketing process is incomplete without considering the graphic designers. Long gone are the days when text based websites used to dominate the digital realm. Graphics now dominate the industry. Graphics can range from personalized brand images to illustrations and animations. All of these are deployed with the consent of the business owners

Content here refers to the textual appearnce on the website. To convey the messages in an elegant manner, content is a bare necessity. Content can range from serivices description, social media posts, day to day messages to blog secion managment. A survey of industry is necessary to decide the content needs of a digital asset.

Digital Asset Optimization

The second step is to optimize the digital assets to bring out some particular tasks. A digital asset is always a representation of the brand itself, the services or product it provides and the amount of customer care it offers. The whole point of having a digital appearance is the customer itself, to provide them value 24/7 is what most of the business crave.

After the basic infrastructure of the digital asset is made, it needs to undergo optimization. There are different types of optimization based on real human interaction. This is not mandatory but it’s something we provide our customers with. Since we deal with business growth more than just digital presence for the clients, we put special emphasis on optimization. Here’s what the optimization looks like

We believe that the digital asset should deliver excellent customer experience and that can only be delivered by tracking the users themselves. Various factors such as bounce rate, dwell time, inbound clicks and real time screen recording is used to come up with the area of the website that are pleasing or not to the customers. Then the whole part is either modified or deleted depinging upon our data.

This type of optimization is carried out all across the website to make it rank for specific terms in search engines

Digital Advertisement

The last process in digital marketing is the advertisement. This part may or may not be important depending upon the expectations and budget of the business owners. A good substitute to advertisement is marketing for the businesses which are low on budget but most of the businesses we deal with, they turn to advertisement for quick response.

Advertisement can take on many forms. It could range from social media to television or even flyer distributions. A deep analysis of the business, their customers and the joined intentions of both reveals a lot of what we have to come up with in order to hit the advertisement. This process requires several creative minds to brainstorm on a particular matter and come up with the most feasabile option.

That was our basic 3 step guide on how on understanding digital marketing process. Hope it helps you. For consultation, you may use our contact us page.

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