How Digital Marketing is Cost Effective | is it Really Worth?

First thing first, ” How Digital Marketing is Cost Effective ” and ” How Much Digital Marketing is Cost Effective ” are two separate topics for discussion.

For those who are here, for the ” How much Digital Marketing is Cost Effective ” should seek help by clicking here, others looking for ” How Digital Marketing is Cost Effective ” however, are advised to keep at this page to learn in great depth.

To break down Digital Marketing as cost effective, we need to compare digital marketing with the non digital marketing means. Since both the digital and non digital marketing models are highly connected and dependent upon each other, this makes it really difficult to calculate in terms of cost but we will do it.

With some analysis, we were able to come with the 5 points through which we can declare digital marketing being more cost effective than a regular marketing campaign. Let’s consider these breakthrough points.

Minimum Budget
With other advertisement options available such as billboards or flyer distribution, one may need to spend a lot of budget at the very start and each and every move will cost a lot of money waste if no proper marketing team is behind the action.

This makes digital marketing a relatively low budget option as the other models of the marketing require a huge marketing investment ( it’s not basically huge, as compared to the digital marketing; it’s really expensive “

The perk of digital marketing to let a business owner start with a minimum amount is enough to keep it wear the crown for a long time. Isn’t it cost effective that a business owner can start their business marketing campaigns for really low investment, it also helps in testing or evaluating certain parameters about the business itself too.

Minimum Legal Issues
Offline marketing methods such as flyer distribution, hiring some shady sales cold caller or something similar can get a business owner in a lot of trouble.

The legal obligations are too much out there with just a little bit of careless attitude, one may find themselves trapped in a viscous cycle.

The marketing idea that might appear very great to some sort of business owner may actually be a violation of the law which can result in a lot of trouble.

Digital marketing offers tremendous output which also makes it a cost effective option as compared to the the other marketing means.

Tremendous Outcome
Tremendous outcomes here only refer to the fact that these outcomes only go along if someone has done all the research and the analysis up to the very point of accuracy because with digital marketing it’s very rare to climb the ladder of success with the hands in pocket, it takes huge load of work and the good part of doing a lot of work in terms of analysis and research is that it all gets cost effective to very considerable degree.

Since the common mentality is to spend more budget in terms of  advertisement for more exposure has well taken the minds of folks and people are spending a lot of money in terms of advertisement, rather say fancy advertisements but all that goes down the drain because at the end of the day the business needs profit and if they are gonna deploy a lot of their resources
onto the advertisement then they have to compromise on the quality or some other shady principle otherwise the business gets internal stability issues.

When TESLA CEO Elon Musk was interviewed for how he manages huge companies like Tesla, SpaceX and some other companies that he manages, he said ” At Tesla we don’t spend any money on advertisement “

Following that, he mentioned that the money they were to deploy to the advertisement, they use it to improve the quality, research a bit more about the design and all in all make the car look and feel better.

If the product is full of quality, people are naturally gonna buy it. Instead of spending hefty amount on advertisement, business owners should consider improving the quality with that and spent moderate budgets on advertisement.

Real Time Result
Digital marketing supports real time output which makes it a very good advertisement option. Consider if someone is dealing with an influencer, they will be writing scripts, professionally
shooting the ad and then reach out to any television advertisement consultant and would schedule on how they will make it happen.

In all this scenario, the person is paying each and every single moment and when the advertisement would run, they will hopefully get a lot of growth from all these actions and planning.

Considering the stance of digital marketing, it’s almost the same but the big difference is that if the companies opt in for a regular advertisement model that involves creation of beautiful banners or text post or some sort of videos which are really really cheap as compared to casting a celebrity or influencer in a post.

When the ad is prepared, usually takes less than a single day , it can be made run across all the
desired websites and the moment someone sees an ad on their let’s say Facebook profile and they find it useful for them, they can simply click on the attached button which directly makes a call
or they can directly make a message, drop their email address so that the company can later get back to them.

This way, customers are made possible in the real time and the money made from these customers can be used to support the later parts of this advertisement.

Self Sufficiency
Digital Marketing can be made self sufficient. This is an are a of practice where Intlmark specializes and this is what we think is our utmost duty as a digital services provider.

This way of deploying digital Marketing is the most cost effective as with this approach we shape the strategy in such a manner that the business becomes self sufficient, meaning that a single $100 advertisement will generate enough money to give the business owner some profit and give them more money so that they can continue the advertisement let’s say for $200 this time.

The cycle repeats and we continuously look into the ways to increase the revenue and the advertisement model goes up and up and up. The business owner only need to spend the first money ad the business would itself be supporting it’s own advertisement expenditures via converting the clients in real time, real fast.

When it comes to being cost effective, shaping the entire system in such a manner is really crucial because the main goal of advertisement is to bring new customers and if the marketing strategy is not converting any customers, it’s shaped wrong.

The famous line from a movie depicts this image very ideally ” Every call is a sales call, either you sell your product to the customer or they sell you an excuse, it’s a sales call either way “

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