Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the set of techniques used to dominate the search engines. Popular search engines include Google, Bing and Baidu. There are many area specific search engines too and all of those require a separate measures to dominate them. What’s the benefit of all of these? More Sales. 

How We Do It?

Google Rankings

We know the core intentions of search engines and that helps us to rank the sites onto the top positions. We incorporate a number of tactics on a daily basis to rank for specific terms.

At INTLMARK, we deal with pure business. We’re not selling to just sell you some SEO package, instead we’ll make it totally worth it for you by incorporating it in such a manner that it brings maximum value. We start by ranking a single keyword and the the revenue it helps to generate will power the remaining SEO. So you can always start with the minimum amount while your business moves to self sufficiency.

Google Rankings

Consumer Behavior

For search engine optimization, we study the consumer behavior at first. It helps us analyze what kind of customers a particular business is serving. That helps us to pin point the specific areas and the keywords along side it.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is what that separates a creative from dumb. Our keyword research is based on a number of facts, figures and a lot of research to come across highly useful keywords. 

Ranking Parameters

We incorporate customized strategies to rank a particular website onto the top position of the google. These depend upon the type of business, the area it targets and the products it offer.  


Do you have queries regarding the search engine optimization? here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your query right there, consider reaching out via contact us page.

Some keywords have a lot of competition and some are easy to rank. We can’t just say it is 100% guaranteed just to have your money. However, we can ensure you top positions for keywords that may sound good to your business. We don’t have spy operating at google which help you rank, Google is powered by Artificial Intelligence. All we can do is hope for the best.  

Our pricing model is a bit different. We will charge a minimal amount to rank for a specific keyword which will increase your sales. After ranking for that one keyword, we’ll move to the other one and the cycle repeats. This way the cash flow to your pocket will increase day by day while you’ll be experiencing more and more top rankings in search engines. This ensures a quality work and since you’re business would be generating more money, you wouldn’t face a hard time paying us for the services. The pricing structure varies according to the type of business and you may consider contacting us for details.

Within 90 days we will rank you for decent keywords by which you will be experiencing a lot of growth. If you ask us to rank you for 1000 keywords within 90 days then either you’re not human or we’re not humans. It’s a silly question to be honest but the silly answer is that the maximum we will take is 90 days. You may contact us for the details as the procedure varies along the business model

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For customized queries and consultation, consider reaching out to us via the contact us page.