What is it?

Social Media Marketing, as the name implies; is the use of social media platforms to run marketing campaigns. Just to mention a fact, there are 250+ social media platforms with over 100,000 unique users. This makes social media marketing not only an interesting act but only a complicated. Each social media platforms serves unique type of visitors which requires tremendous amount of study and research to bring value and sales to a business. The good part is ; We’re expert with it.

How We Do it?

In one word – Analysis, a lot of it actually. Once we get a business interested in social media marketing, our team first looks into the types of product/services that particular business provides. From the product research to the analysis of the consumer behavior, our teams researches each and everything that might bring value. Below are the mandatory steps we take to bring a lot of value to the businesses by incorporating the social media marketing

Product/Services Analysis

Firstly, we take into account the fact that the business we are helping should be providing some sort of value. If it’s just there to make money, we’re not dealing with it. We believe a business is indeed a solution to a unique problem and if some business does not provide value through one way or the other, we don’t get involved with it in the first place.

Social Media Research

Once we have analyzed the product and services, we move onto the second step which is the Research. This step involves plenty of research which helps us to figure out the ideal consumer behavior. This way we are better able to search for the best social media platform and the other necessary details to bring value to a particular business

Cash Flow Examination

Our final step involves around the phenomenon we know as the cash flow examination. Our strategies are based around the multiplication rule. We believe in making your business self sufficient so that it generates enough to keep other advertisement options as well as your own profit feasible


Read some of the questions that we encounter on daily basis. These are meant to help only and to clear out any query. You may consider contacting your may consider contacting us using the contact us page.

Our price structure is highly flexible. We don’t deal with fixed prices. We can discuss your business over the call and the goals that you want to achieve. With the completion of goals, we are going to receive the payment. It is worthwhile to note that we only charge if you profit from our strategies, if the strategy fails to bring definite value, we don’t charge money.

We can even get you started for less that $20 and can even give you a blast push from $2000. It all depends upon the scaling. The real question should be how much you want from your business right now and how much can you take on currently in terms of development. Our main task is making the business bloom and we can do it even from $20 at the very start.

There are over 250 different social media networks. The choice is really difficult but we have case studies on almost all of the social media networks with over 100,000 visitors. We will choose the social network depending upon your business model, the social media with the maximum umber of your potential customers would be an ideal pick for us. Each and every social media network is unique and carries different type of people.

The thing makes us humans is also the same thing that makes us vulnerable to failure. Although we do work hard and smart but failure is something hard to avoid. If our strategy for you fails in any way we won’t be charging you any price. That’s the most we can do. Since our pricing structure for social media marketing depends upon ” payment after target achievement “, one can expect no fee in case of failure.

We keep an eye onto the industry and are always eager to learn the new breakthroughs and means that pop up over time. This enables us to incorporate

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