What Kind of Business Goes Well With Digital Marketing

Spotlights are over the fact ” Digital Marketing Skyrockets The Business Growth “, truly wonderful. Since we are a digital marketing company too so we support this argument. However it would be too selfish if we just ignore the devastating effects of the digital marketing, mostly for the small/medium businesses. Lets just simply explore what kind of business goes well with digital marketing so that we all can better judge ourselves for the necessary things.

  • Local boutique store
  • Local electronic gadget shop
  • Cleaning company
  • ………………………..

If only we had a list like this in real life which could tell us whether we’ll fail or succeed if we own a particular business with Digital marketing. But wait there is a list. It’s not wrapped around the type of business but the ” VISION ” of the business.

[bctt tweet=”Since the world of digital marketing is huge, it supports only the businesses with the Huge vision” via=”no”]. It punishes those who are there to just make money. The system really revolves around that core mechanism.

Steve Jobs, the founder of APPLE made it super clear in his speech. He asked the audience for basically what is the single most factor which is responsible for tremendous growth of the business. People were in silence because in the end we all believe success is basically the million dots from all walks of life, to compress them into a single vessel was a challenge for the audience, not for the Steve.

[bctt tweet=”Steve Jobs made it obvious to the audience that what made Nike a success, Apple a success and Microsoft a success was not the competition itself but the intention behind that competition” via=”no”]. He believed the companies that are thriving to provide better services and products to the customers, these are the ones that generally succeed.

Jeff Bezos, The founder and CEO of AMAZON still cruises around the town in his Honda Accord which is a pretty pretty pretty cheap car for the man who is the richest in this world.

When asked about why he still cruises around in his Honda Accord, he said he don’t wanna waste any money on the things which do not result in better product or services for the customers.

These are the companies that succeeded tremendously, blasted their growths. Still, those times are long gone, the opportunities are million times more here than the past times.

Apple uses digital marketing, Amazon uses digital marketing, Microsoft uses digital marketing and you also use the digital marketing

What separates you from the previous three companies is not the number of employees or the company structure, but the intention itself.

Digital Marketing is best suitable for a company who is willing to lower down it’s profit margins a little bit temporary and is ready to bless the customers with tremendous quality.

With digital marketing, for example if we are given the project to bring in a lot of new customers for your brands, we will do whatever it takes to bring you the new customers, we will deploy a million strategies and let’s say your brand is flooded with thousands of customers. If you fail to entertain them, they are going to leave bad remarks all over the place. It get’s really hard to hide honest reviews and in just a couple of days, the brand sinks in.

On the other hand, people who are satisfied spread the words all over the place. People are social animals, they just simply love to be surrounded by words all the time and they won’t simply ” miss ” this gold thing they’ve discovered.

[bctt tweet=”Word of Mouth marketing is one of the best ways out there, no matter it’s 2019 or 3019. Things are never going to change for this one.” via=”no”]

Although a hard and fast list of the businesses that could have benefited mostly from the digital marketing would’ve been pretty useful but it’s quite impossible. It’s not the business that succeeds or fails, it’s the brain behind the business. Consider tobacco companies, they are killing their customers, still customers are all over the company -craving for more. [bctt tweet=”It’s a pity to consider this fact but indeed business is about exploiting psychology.” via=”no”]

Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let the things roll in for others too.

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